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SeaMed Oils SRL has joint venture partnerships with long established institutions to buy and sell crude oil and its derivatives. SeaMed Oil with its partners, are able to deliver end to end transactional capabilities. These capabilities can be from sourcing, the buyer or seller with products, to the structuring of the local or international transaction and finally, having the logistics to complete the trade.

SeaMed Oil has also developed relationships to allow Governments who own national oil companies, to participate in this exciting phase of cross-border collaboration to better their respective prospects in utilizing their state commodities.

SeaMed Oil has already signed contracts for supply, storage, cargo & logistics, refinery contract and end buyers, both for crude oil and derivatives too.

SeaMed Oil SRL also has in place a storage contract with SC OIL TERMINAL SA in Constanta - Romania.

Assets & Operation

SeaMed Oil is an independent oil and gas international trading company with a primary focus to build out its expansion within its Strategic country agenda. The Company currently holds licenses to operate in the majority of its listed countries or has joint venture partnerships providing the trading and operating access.

SeaMed Oil has an experienced management that values the local growth commitment which is a key foundation pillar of growth. The people brought together in our company, are a key to open many gateways to opportunities spanning from local to international ventures in each of its strategic countries.

Our operating structure allows the company to execute its strategy effectively and take advantage of the continuous changes we are seeing today in the petrochemical industry and adapt to such change quickly to maximize the value to investors, shareholders and partners that we are linked with.

The SeaMed Oil strategy includes the continuous recycling of profits to faster leverage any petrochemical trading opportunities with a view to asset gathering and trading taking advantage of market supply and demand pricing.

Group of Companies

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Governance and Duty of Care

The management structure of SeaMed Oil constitutes of strong leadership, experience engagement keeping the core fundamentals of the Company at the forefront of its trading, operating and environmental agenda.

Whilst the primary goal is to build the business reach within the Companies portfolio, throughout the research, consultation and execution of any venture or transaction, the leadership team is required to operate under governance and policies to minimise any detrimental impact to the people of the Country as well as the environment.